Waiting for the result of an amniocentesis can seem like an eternity when you want immediate reassurance. Thanks to the Amnio-Express® test, performed in conjunction with the amniocentesis, it is possible to obtain a result relative to the most prevalent chromosomal birth anomalies (trisomies 13, 18, 21, XXY and XO) within 48 working hours.

What is the Amnio-Express® test?

Specialists at Procrea Fertility will analyze your amniotic fluid sample using the FISH technology* that provides accuracy beyond 99.8%. Even though it has been approved for commercial use throughout Canada and the United States, Procrea Fertility is one of the few clinics to offer this service. Such a quick response is possible because a cell culture is not required for this type of analysis.

To take advantage of Amnio-Express® test, it is important that you inform your physician who will be performing your amniocentesis that you want the Amnio-Express® test. Once notified, the physician will take an additional 5ml of amniotic fluid when drawing the fluid for the amniocentesis. If you choose to have your amniocentesis done somewhere other than Procrea Fertility, you can still take advantage of the Amnio-Express® test by sending us a sample of your amniotic fluid so that our laboratory can complete the analysis.

Speak with your physician to learn if Amnio-Express® test is right for you. The Amnio-Express® test is a service only offered at Procrea Fertility Montreal (Mont-Royal). Please contact the cytogenetic laboratory for more information on the conditions of transport and payment terms.

* FISH: The identification of the principal numerical chromosomal anomalies using the Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization technique.
Amnio-Express® is a registered trademark of GROUPE OPMEDIC INC.