Diagnostic ultrasounds are a technique using sound waves to view the fetus in the uterus.

  • Nuchal translucency fetal ultrasound 1st trimester
  • Routine obstetrical ultrasound 2nd and 3rd trimester
  • Detailed fetal ultrasound 2nd and 3rd trimester
  • Dating
  • Pelvic ultrasound

3D/4D Ultrasounds (Available at Procrea Fertility Montreal and Quebec City only)

Expecting a baby is one of the most exciting and joyous experiences in a parent’s life. Procrea Fertility now offers 3D/4D ultrasound to show with greater clarity the details of your baby’s features*.

  • Safe for mother and fetus
  • Best time to take images between 26th and 30th week of pregnancy
  • Complete session 20-30 minutes
  • Photos on CD, DVD souvenir of your session and 2 printed 4×6 photos

*Please note: There is no guarantee that the 4D ultrasound images will be similar to the images advertised in the brochure “3D/4D Ultrasound”. Every baby scan is different depending on the gestational age, position of the baby, amount of amniotic fluid or thickness of the abdominal wall. Procrea Fertility commits to make the best effort to obtain good 4D images, but in approximately 25% of the cases and due to the conditions described above, the clarity of the baby’s images may be affected. Under these circumstances Procrea Fertility does not refund or repeat scans.