There are many reasons women would consider freezing their eggs for future use. Some surgeries, radiation, and chemotherapy may affect the ovaries, which is a common reason young women elect to freeze their eggs in Quebec and Ontario. Medical conditions and personal preference are also good reasons to preserve your fertility now to become a parent later in life.

For those women considering elective egg freezing, it’s important to know that the earlier you take action, the better your outcome. Our fertility doctors at Procrea have found that the best candidates are women under 32. Over 32? Don’t despair—we accept patients up until age 43 in our egg freezing program!

Ready to take the next step? Request an appointment at one of our Procrea offices in Montreal, Vaughan, or Quebec City. Our reproductive specialists will first conduct ultrasound scans and lab tests. Then you will meet with one of our physicians to discuss your personalized plan. Women can also consult with a counselor or psychologist during this time. Finally, the patient will undergo controlled ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval, and egg freezing.

If the timing isn’t right for you to become a parent today, consider preserving your fertility to get the best chance at a healthy and successful pregnancy in the future. Learn more about egg freezing in Ontario and Quebec today!