It may seem like everyone is prepping for Father’s Day, but for those men struggling with infertility, it is the last thing they even want to think about. The reproductive specialists at Procrea discuss how to survive Father’s Day while dealing with infertility.

For men with wives, you already have a great support system and example as she may have had to deal with the pain of Mother’s Day a few weeks ago. Now you can spend another weekend together, whether it be to celebrate the fathers in your lives or getting away from it all.

Your family can be a great support group. If you choose to be with family on this day, celebrate the father figures and look to them for advice for when that special time comes for you. They are likely to be sensitive to your fertility struggles and can be that listening ear when everyone else seems preoccupied with the festivities.

However, if you choose to sit this holiday out, everyone will also understand. Take a day with the guys to go golfing or go-karting. You can also take a mini vacation with your spouse, even if it’s just to a nearby hotel to get out of your everyday routine. Cook up a meal with your honey, or snuggle up and watch movies, anything that will help keep your mind off fertility and help you to relax.

Know that many men struggle with infertility, but there is hope. The doctors at Procrea are here to help couples who have been unsuccessful in conceiving. Request an appointment at our fertility clinics in Quebec or Ontario for a personalized fertility treatment plan.