Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) can be a burden for some women, with symptoms that include PMS, pelvic pain, acne, thinning hair, and infertility. Although conceiving while living with PCOS may be difficult, it is not impossible. The experienced fertility doctors at Procrea in Ontario and Quebec can help you build your family with the help of reproductive medicine and technology.

If a woman is not ovulating, fertility medication may be the first step your doctor takes. Clomid and Serophene, for example, can help induce ovulation. If you also have diabetes, you may also be given Metformin to lower insulin levels.

The most successful form of getting pregnant for PCOS patients is IVF. In vitro fertilization will combine the woman’s egg and man’s sperm outside of the body. IVF does require a number of doctor appointments, tests, and injections, but it will all be worth it when that healthy baby is born!

Minimally invasive surgery is also an option to stimulate ovulation. Your doctor may suggest a procedure called “ovarian drilling” in which the ovary receives a slight electric current. The effects of this can last a few months, but it is important to talk to your physician about the risks involved.

Your reproductive endocrinologist may also suggest some natural ways to help your body ovulate. Try maintaining a healthy weight and diet. Choose less processed foods and those with less sugar, which will improve insulin levels and hormone production. Exercising can also help.

If you suffer from PCOS and are considering starting a family, schedule a fertility consultation at a Procrea clinic location near you today!