We understand that cost is an important consideration when making decisions regarding your treatment. Just as your treatment plan is unique to you, so is your financial plan to cover that treatment. There are different options to make the costs your provincial healthcare plan does not cover more affordable. Some patients opt to take out medical loans, others take advantage of payment programs. Our financial counselors will review the range of resources available to help you manage the costs of infertility treatment.

Provincial Healthcare Coverage

Healthcare coverage for infertility treatment varies considerably by province in Canada. Be sure to review the benefits and requirements of your provincial health plan, specifically any infertility related coverage. Additionally, if you have supplemental health insurance, either from your employer or purchased on your own, it is important to understand if it provides coverage where your provincial plan does not. The links below provide an overview of fertility coverage by province.

Financing Plans & IVF Payment Options

A financing plan can help ease the financial stress of fertility treatment. At Procrea Fertility, we strive to make IVF more affordable for everyone and are pleased to offer a number of payment options that do so. This program is currently available in select provinces. The links below provide an overview of treatment costs, financing and payment options available in your province.