Blood karyotype (chromosome analysis)

Genetic testing services

Karyotype is the examination of the chromosomes of an individual for the purpose of searching for an abnormality. The analysis can be done on many types of cells, lymphocytes and amniocytes.

The indications for a chromosome analysis are various:

In the fetus:

• Abnormal prenatal screening test
• Advanced maternal age
• Abnormal ultrasound results

In the newborn:

• Dysmorphic syndrome
• Congenital malformation
• Psychomotor delay

During childhood or adolescence:

• mental or developmental delay
• Congenital malformation

In adults:

• Infertility assessment, early menopause, primary amenorrhoea (absence of menstruation) or spermatogenesis problem (spermatozoa production)
• Repeated miscarriages
• Family history of chromosomal abnormalities