Dr. Pierre Lehmann, M.D, FRCSC

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Dr. Pierre Lehmann completed his medical studies at the Faculty Lariboisière St-Louis in 1998, Paris (France). Then, he realises his residence in Nice Hospital (France). After spending, with the congratulations of the Jury, the study Specialist Diploma of Obstetrics and Gynecology in 2008, he has focused his training in the field of fertility. Dr. Lehmann holds a Diploma of Specialised Complementary Study in Reproductive Medicine (2010, DESC), which marks its qualities as an expert in this field. During two years he was attached to the fertility center of Aix en Provence (2008-2010 France).
Dr. Lehmann completed a Fellowship in Gynaecological Endocrinology of Reproduction and Infertility at the University of Montreal ( 2011, FRCSC ). He is a physician and surgeon of Royal College of Canada. His clinical interest is the ovarian aging and primary ovarian insufficiency. He worked at the fertility center of CHUM (2013-2016) and clinic Ovo (2013- 2018). Dr Lehmann is professor of University of Montreal since 2013, with the responsabilty of students in his department at the Sacré Cœur hospital of Montreal.