The SENTIS analysis evaluates the genes involved in hereditary cancers of women and men.
At Procrea Fertility, there are two possible options for analysis:
-panel of 2 genes: BRCA1 and BRCA2
-panel of 21 genes including BRCA1 and BRCA2

The objective of this genetic analysis is to determine if you are carrying one or more mutations of the genes associated with cancer, that is to say if you carry a pathogenic variant (mutation) in the gene (s) analyzed.  Being a carrier means that an individual carries a change in a gene.

The genes of panels 1 and 2 were involved in the increased risk of cancer, although the risk varies according to each of the genes. There are currently no tests that can detect all mutations associated with an increased risk of developing cancer and no test can analyze all the genetic causes of cancer since all causes are not yet known. Environmental factors and lifestyles can also contribute to the development of cancer.

The Sentis TM Breast and Ovarian Cancer Screen offers two different test options:

1.  A 2 gene screening panel for BRCA1 and BRCA2
2.  A 21 gene screening panel including BRCA1 / BRCA2 and 19 other gene mutations that have been associated with cancer.

Analyse Sentis pour les cancers héréditaires: étude clinique > 7000 échantillons; sensibilité, spécificité > 99% / Hereditary Cancer tests: >7000 clinical samples tested; sensitivity, specificity >99%.

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