Eggs eligible for freezing 101

Some women consider freezing their eggs for future use for many reasons. Surgery, radiation or chemotherapy can affect the ovaries, and all these interventions are common reasons why a young woman may wish to freeze her eggs in Quebec and Ontario. Medical conditions and personal preferences are also good reasons to preserve your fertility now and become a parent later, at another stage in your life.

For those women who think about freezing their eggs, it’s very important to know that the earlier you start the process, the better the result. Our fertility doctors at Procrea have established that the best candidates are women under 32 years old. Are you over 32? Do not despair. We accept in our freezing program patients up to age 43!

Ready for the next step? Ask for an appointment at one of the Procrea centers in Montreal, Vaughan, or Quebec City. Our procreation specialist will first do an ultrasound scan as well as laboratory tests. You will then meet one of our doctors to discuss your personal plan. During this time women can also talk to a counselor or psychologist. At the end of this procedure, the patient will understand everything about controlled ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval and freezing.

If for you it is not yet time to become parents, consider preserving your fertility in order to put all the chances of a healthy and successful subsequent pregnancy. Learn more about freezing eggs in Ontario and Quebec today!