Your first visit

We are honored to help you achieve your family building goals. The following information will help you feel prepared and at ease during your first visit with us.


Your First Visit


Your initial Procrea Fertility consultation is an opportunity for us to get to know you and your partner. Your physician will interview you both and take your complete medical history, and you may be given a physical exam. Prior evaluations, tests and treatments will be discussed and new tests may be ordered to help determine the best course of treatment for your unique situation.

Once your diagnosis has been confirmed and you have decided which treatment(s) you would like to pursue, our staff will set up a nurse interview.

Nurse counselling


After your initial interview with your physician, you will meet with a member of our nursing team who will review and discuss the treatment options your physician has advised. During the course of your treatment you will get to know many of our nurses. They are all extremely knowledgeable and are available to you for support every step of the way. Any questions you have regarding timing of your treatment, medications or the actual process may be directed to your nurse. Together, you will arrange a date for your treatment to begin.



Infertility is challenging. It can often be painful, emotional and exhausting. We encourage you to seek counseling throughout your treatment. Our counselor is available to help you through the trying roller coaster of infertility and to assist you with any ethical questions and concerns you may have.


Consent Forms


At the end of your initial consultation, both you and your partner will be asked to read and sign the consent forms pertaining to your treatment.