How to travel safely with your fertility drugs

Fertility treatment does not necessarily mean you have to stay stuck at home all summer long. Going on vacation could just be the distraction you and your partner need! Before planning a trip, Procrea’s fertility specialists in Ontario and Quebec suggest keeping a few things in mind.

  • check your program. Talk to your medical team and ask if certain dates are important for your fertility treatment. Then plan your holidays around these dates. It is strongly recommended that you re-check your travel plans with your fertility doctor before making your reservations.
  • Order extras. Packing more drugs than you think you need is a good idea in case your plans are changed or unexpected delays occur. Place your order well in advance so that it arrives before you leave.
  • Take a letter from your doctor. Have a letter stating that you are traveling with fertility drugs in case you are questioned.
  • Call in advance. If you are going to fly it is better to call the airline in advance to find out if you can take drugs and fertility accessories on board.
  • Watch the temperature. Medications must be kept cool, store in a cool pack while traveling, and be sure to have access to a refrigerator upon arrival.
  • Keep them near you. Pack your medications in the bag that you will take in the cabin. If your hold baggage is lost you do not want to risk losing your fertility drugs as well.
  • Know your destination. Find a pharmacy, hospital and / or fertility clinic near where you will be staying in case an emergency visit is needed while you are away from home. Talk to your nurse and your doctor as they will have recommendations for you based on your destination. Keep the addresses and phone numbers in your phone for easy access.
  • Know the time. If your travel destination is in a different time zone, try taking your medications as close to your normal time as possible. Set the alarm on your phone so you do not forget anything.

With a little preparation you can enjoy your holidays without interrupting your fertility treatment. For more information on fertility treatments in Ontario and Quebec, contact Procrea today.