Ontario patients: We have big news!

On July 19, some refreshing changes are coming to our Newmarket and Vaughan locations. 

Newmarket location change 

Our Newmarket clinic is moving to a new address July 19th 2021. Freshly renovated with plenty of convenient parking. We look forward to welcoming you to this brand-new location. 

Appointments will be at our new address as of July 19th: 

1111 Davis Drive East, Unit 39 

Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 9E5 

T: 905.967.0852 / F: 905.967.0512 

New name, new look: Vaughan and Newmarket clinics 

Starting on July 19, great patient care will have a brand-new name! The Procrea Fertility clinics in Newmarket and Vaughan clinics will be renamed as Generation Fertility.  

Since 2011, our Newmarket and Vaughan teams have been recognized for their caring expertise, innovation and healthy outcomes. We’ve also been growing with the addition of new team members, recently welcoming two new fertility specialists Drs. Hartman and Lai. The new Generation Fertility name and look reflect the energy and expertise of our team. And, while our name is changing, you can expect the excellent patient care and clinical team you’ve come to know.  

We’re honored to be your clinic of choice, to help you achieve your dream of family. 

The Vaughan clinic is not relocating and will remain at its current address: 

955 Major Mackenzie Drive West, Suite 400 

Vaughan, ON L6A 4P9 

T: 289.357.0100 / F: 289.357.0101 

What if I have eggs, sperm or embryos stored at the clinic?

Your storage arrangements are not changing. Rest assured, your samples will not be affected and will remain safely stored in their current location, carefully monitored by our expert staff. Should you have any questions you may email us at [email protected]

What if I have additional questions?

Or team would be happy to communicate with you. Should you have any additional concerns feel free to call us or email us at [email protected]