Gatineau fertility treatment coverage & payment options

June 15th 2022,

Dear Procrea Gatineau Patients,

Dr. Eric Himaya, medical director of procrea Gatineau, released a statement on June 15th 2022, indicating that effective July 15th services at Procrea Gatineau will no longer be eligible for reimbursement from RAMQ.

To read the full statement click here NonparticipantRAMQ


March 17th 2022

Dear Procrea Gatineau Patients,

Many of you ask us why it is currently impossible for our clinic to offer – for some of you – IVF and artificial insemination services.

The answer is both simple and complex: in the current regulatory framework, we are asked, on the one hand, to complete additional administrative procedures and, on the other, the MSSS does not give us the financial means to offer patient care under the RAMQ.

It’s disappointing and frustrating, but unfortunately it’s the reality. The framework to which clinics and patients are subject is very restrictive and lowering the quality of our services is clearly not an option with which we wish to move forward. We’ve worked too hard for that all these years.

That said, as you know, access to fertility and access to quality care in the regions are my two main priorities. I am both personally and professionally involved in this reality.

I came to settle here, in an area that offered practically no fertility services. And I built a clinic there, although honestly it was far from simple. Five years of arduous steps to lead to our clinic which, three years later, was able to allow hundreds of pregnancies… and hundreds of families.

Your clinic, in the Outaouais, serves the fourth largest city in Quebec and its surroundings… more than 400,000 people, from the National Capital region to Abitibi.

I have taken steps to find a solution and we are in regular contact with the MSSS, and we hope to hear from them soon. I also know that our colleagues from the FMSQ and the AOGQ are trying to involve the government in this file. We are going to give them all our support and hope that the situation is unblocked so that each of you, public plan or not, can have the right to what is dearest in the world: a family.

Dr. Eric Himaya
Medical Director Procrea Gatineau