Quebec fertility treatment coverage & payment options

Healthcare coverage for infertility treatment varies considerably by each province in Canada.

Procrea Quebec is participating in the program since February 24th 2022.

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24th February 2022

Dear Procrea Quebec Patients,

Due to the very high call volume, it is difficult for us to answer all questions quickly. To help you through the donor ordering process, here are some important information updates.
As we have to follow a precise administrative procedure, you must follow the following instructions:
• You must call the clinic only on your day 1 and not before, leave a message on the nurses voicemail with the requested details.
• Without waiting for the nurse to call back, on your day 1, order your sample from the supplier of your choice.
• As soon as the eligibility validation process is complete, the supplier will follow up with you and the sample will be sent to us.

Here are some tips:

For the Repromed supplier.

For the Canam supplier.

If you are having difficulty please contact us by completing the contact us form here


Dear Procrea Quebec Patients,

It is with pleasure that we have started to offer fertility services covered by the new ART program from last November 15th.

For IVF treatment, please do not contact us to find out your rank on the waiting list, nurses are currently calling patients, you will be called in turn to schedule your treatment date.

The Procrea Québec Team