Cancer and Fertility

Cancer can be a heartbreaking diagnosis. But with today’s technology and medical advancements, it is possible to preserve your fertility in order to grow you family after you are cancer-free. The reproductive doctors at Procrea fertility clinic in Quebec and Ontario explain fertility preservation for cancer patients.

Radiation and chemotherapy may cause infertility. No matter which treatment option your oncologist recommends you may want to consider preserving your fertility. Women may wish to choose egg freezing, and men can freeze their sperm. If a couple has plans to expand their family in the future, there are also options to freeze embryos.

Depending on the type of cancer treatment plan, it is important to discuss fertility preservation before cancer treatment, or as soon as possible after starting treatment. The earlier you preserve your fertility, the better. The sperm, eggs, and embryo will be healthier and give you a higher chance of success when it’s time to conceive.

Some provincial health care plans cover the cost of fertility preservation for those diagnosed with cancer.  It is important to review your specific provincial plan to understand if they cover the cost of fertility preservation.

If you are unable to take advantage of fertility preservation, it still may be possible to get pregnant naturally, or with the help of a fertility specialist. After trying to conceive for six months to one year, visit a Procrea clinic near you and we can discuss options tailored to your specific needs. We can look into donor egg or sperm, or a surrogate. Cancer does not have to ruin your dreams of having a family. Our fertility experts can help. Schedule an appointment to discuss your options today!