Managing fertility problems well during Mother’s Day

For women with fertility problems, Mother’s Day may not be a day of celebration. Or as you look you see moms celebrated by their children with flowers and meals. Procrea’s fertility specialists in Quebec and Ontario share tips for dealing with the stress you may be experiencing at this time.

  • Go out with friends without children. Do something fun, such as a movie or bowling. If you want to completely avoid the crowds, invite your friends to your home to enjoy a meal that you have prepared!
  • Have a good time with your partner. Take a drive, go to the beach or go camping to spend time with your lover before the baby takes all your free time.
  • Get pampered Think of a day in a spa or a massage and if you have cash problems organize a relaxing day at home with your partner.
  • Meditate. Take the time to read the newspaper, blogs, talk to people or meditate to relieve your stress …
  • Spoil your own mother, spend the day with her or your mother-in-law or any other mother figure in your life. Do not mock the fact that you do not have children to celebrate, you can always celebrate Mother’s Day with your own mom.

Do not ruin a beautiful Sunday by being sad, your turn will come and our fertility experts are here to help you. If you can not conceive after trying for six months to a year, make an appointment with one of our fertility clinics in Ontario or Quebec.