Relaxing during IVF Treatments

Undergoing IVF treatments is not exactly relaxing. Medications, injections, doctor visits, and bills can cause an infertile couple a lot of stress. The reproductive specialists at Procrea in Ontario and Quebec understand what you are going through and share tips on how to de-stress and relax during upcoming fertility treatments.

  • Spa time: Getting pampered is a great way to relax. You and your partner can indulge in a massage, acupuncture, pedicure, or manicure.
  • Exercise: Getting active not only reduces stress, but it’s great for your health too! Find a workout you can enjoy with your partner, like yoga or running, so you both reap the rewards.
  • Talk about it: Some couples find that talking helps reduce stress. Find a local or online support group, talk to each other, or find a therapist.
  • Clear your calendar: If your jam-packed schedule is stressing you out, decline invitations for a week or two and just relax with a bubble bath and music, long naps, or by binge watching your favorite show.
  • Find a hobby: When you can’t stop thinking about fertility treatments, try to occupy your mind with something you enjoy. Try painting, reading, cooking, or gardening.
  • Reflect: Take time to think about that future baby you will soon be able to snuggle. All the worrying and stress will be worth it once you have your new bundle of joy.

When you and your partner are relaxed and well-rested, fertility treatments may work better, so try to incorporate some relaxation techniques before, during, and after each IVF treatment. For more information about fertility treatments in Ontario or Quebec, contact the specialists at Procrea today.