The typical infertility treatment process

Overview of the different treatments

  In reality, there is no “typical” infertility treatment process. However, successful treatment begins in a fertility clinic where you will be treated by seasoned professionals who have a long list of success stories. Whether you need treatment for female or male infertility problems, or a combination of both, we offer a wide range of treatments and technologies that can help you conceive a child, such as intrauterine insemination (IUI) and in vitro fertilization (IVF). Knowing how infertility can cause anxiety, we also provide emotional and psychological support to our patients. Possible fertility treatments As a general rule, although there are many exceptions, we start with less intense treatments and resort to more complex procedures only if they are needed. During your treatment, we will discuss with you the good and bad aspects of each procedure and offer you the options that best meet your medical, emotional and financial needs. As part of your treatment plan, your doctor may at any time advise you on some or all of the procedures listed below:

  • Drugs to treat infertility with sexual intercourse (80% of infertility problems are resolved by taking medication)
  • Natural IUI
  • Drugs to treat infertility combined with an IUI
  • Surgery
  • IVF Additional options to consider

When trying to become a parent, keep in mind that there is always a way to get there. Here are other options available to you:

  • Egg donation: Egg donation is recommended when a woman is unable to become pregnant with her own eggs but wants to carry a baby and give birth to the baby.
  • Embryo donation: Embryo donation is chosen by couples who are unable to have a child with their own eggs and sperm, but who want the woman to carry a child and give birth to the baby.
  • Gestational surrogate mother (surrogacy motherhood): surrogacy is chosen by women who are unable to carry a full term pregnancy or who have a uterine problem that could trigger premature labor or reduce the chances of success.
  • Adoption: adoption is chosen by couples who are unable to have a biologically related child, or who choose not to have one.