Three reasons why you should not delay fertility treatments

Couples who decide to increase their family at a later time in their lives are becoming more common. But if you or your partner needs fertility treatment, it’s important not to wait too long to see a procreation specialist at one of our centers in Ontario or Quebec.

Learn why Procrea’s experts suggest you do not wait any longer.

  • Age. Women know that their biological clock ticks, but it can be surprising to learn that fertility begins to decline in women in their thirties. At age 40, the risks for mother and baby increase: the mother may have problems during her pregnancy and the baby may suffer from genetic problems. Fertility in men also decreases around the age of 40 because of poor sperm quality. The more you decide to get help early, the better the result for the mother and the child.
  • Cost. Costs can increase in the meantime simply because the quality of the egg or sperm decreases over time. Simpler treatments that work in younger couples may not work in older couples who may need more cycles, which increases costs. If the egg or sperm is no longer viable, a couple may also need to use egg or sperm donation to conceive, which will incur additional costs.
  • Health. Overall health can also be affected with age. You can be healthier at age 20, but if you develop prediabetes, fibroids, thyroid disease or become obese as time passes, it will be harder for you to get pregnant. If you are planning to start a family, try to stay healthy and do not delay the necessary treatments.

If you are worried and think that delaying fertility will prevent you from conceiving, talk to our doctors at a Procrea Center in Ontario or Quebec. We can develop a fertility treatment that suits you. Although it is not the right time for you to start a family, we have solutions to preserve your fertility, such as for example the freezing of eggs, embryos and sperm for later use.