How can mindfulness meditation help in conceiving a child?

meditation et procreation

According to scientific studies, “stress doubles the chances of infertility”. When trying to get pregnant, stress and anxiety can be detrimental to fertility. Mindfulness meditation is then a great practice to put in place, as much to decompress from the craziness of daily life, as to try to procreate. In this article, we explain the various benefits of mindfulness meditation on fertility.

Mindfulness meditation to release stress and promote pregnancy

But what is mindfulness meditation anyway? Let’s get a little reminder of this ancestral practice which has largely proven its worth. Mindfulness meditation is about immersing yourself in the heart of the present moment, becoming aware of your body and your environment. We anchor ourselves in the “now”, and let our thoughts come as they are, without trying to control them. This relaxation technique is particularly interesting when one suffers from anxiety, overflowing emotions or even negative thoughts. When trying to get pregnant, the resulting pressure and stress can sometimes get in the way, and mindfulness can really help with letting go.

Mindfulness meditation boosts DHEA hormone production

Balanced hormones are the first step to top fertility! However, when these fluctuate due to anxiety, fatigue or our lifestyle, it sometimes gets harder to conceive. One hormone in particular increases the chances of favoring a pregnancy: DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone). This hormone, called the “longevity molecule”, is one of the most important in the human body. A high level of DHEA would boost the vitality of the eggs during the ovulation period, and get pregnant more quickly. On the other hand, many women can suffer from low levels of this hormone and thus experience fertility problems. However, healthcare professionals show the link between mindfulness meditation and increased DHEA levels! People who practice meditation would also have a DHEA rate 43% higher than those who do not practice!

Reduce stress levels by focusing on the present moment

When we try to procreate and the attempts get unsuccessful, stress and anxiety can quickly take hold of our minds. It then becomes difficult to let go and maintain some clarity. Mindfulness meditation, by promoting breathing and regulating heart rate, has a significant impact on reducing stress. Our emotions are better controlled, our sleep is of better quality, we better understand the obstacles of daily life, and our morale is gradually recovering. So no, there is no factual evidence yet between high stress levels and low fertility rates. In fact, these are mostly assumptions. Let’s just say that stress does not help the situation, and does not offer the best conditions for having a child.

Practicing mindfulness on a daily basis: exercises to refocus and promote the conception of a baby

Did these few lines convince you to try mindfulness meditation to improve your fertility? If so, you are probably now wondering how to practice daily, how often and for how long. Let’s find out now!

Mindfulness requires no equipment

There are different ways to practice mindfulness meditation, although the main goal is always the same: to be with yourself for at least 5 minutes a day, and observe what is happening. For example, close your eyes and grab an edible object in your hand. Touch it, taste it, smell it and focus on your awakened senses. In the shower, it’s the same thing: you can feel the water running over your skin, or even when you’re walking down the street. Daily activities can be real mindfulness meditation exercises! Finally, you can always opt for guided mindfulness meditation online or with a teacher, or follow sessions via mobile apps.

Focus on yourself for as long as you want

The key to mindfulness meditation is regularity. Several small sessions of 5 minutes carried out on a constant basis, will be much more effective in the long term than a meditation of one hour per week. And the advantage is that you can practice it at any time of the day, without equipment! Being able to take a few moments for yourself, a little each day, is to refocus on what is most important: you, your soul and your conscience. Your mind will clear, and you will be in the best condition to get pregnant.

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Calling on Procrea clinics when you want to start a pregnancy process is the assurance of being taken care of by a dedicated and professional team. More than medical care, we favor a global approach to the health of our patients. Acupuncture, meditation for stress reduction, nutrition and weight control… we are convinced that these alternative methods offer not only benefits for overall health, but also for fertility. In addition, it helps prepare the body for a healthy future pregnancy.

Mindfulness meditation for conception: what you need to remember

Meditation, by promoting the regulation of your hormones and your heart rate, has multiple beneficial impacts on fertility. In addition, this ancestral relaxation method acts against stress and anxiety, while helping you to let go. In general, we can only recommend the practice of mindfulness to maintain your morale at the top, and live in the present moment.

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